Optional Accessories

Ask us about all these accessories and upgrades:

  • Regenerable organic solvent adsorber column
  • GE oxygen analyzer (O2X1 or Oxy.IQ)
  • Xentaur moisture analyzer
  • Vibration-free freezer (compressor on floor): minimum temperature -35 degrees C (450 mm X 300 mm X 220 mm)
  • Modular side panels and/or large antechamber (using patented double seals at interfaces)
  • Cold well with cover
  • Roof-mounted air-conditioning system
  • Leakage-free glove changing kit (regular glove port covers are included with all glovebox purchases)
  • Feedthroughs for vacuum, gas, electric, data, etc.
  • Sawatec Spincoater
  • Integration with any instrument or solvent system