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Vigor is a world-class manufacturer of inert gas enclosures, purification systems, and cleanroom equipment. Founded in 2005 by PhD chemists, Vigor has developed innovative no-leak sealing technology, as well as proprietary gas purification systems that enable our users to experience leakage rates and impurity levels over an order of magnitude better than the industry standard. Vigor's superior design can remove impurities (O2, H2O, N2) to ppb levels, and achieve ISO-2 levels cleanness.

Vigor Tech USA.

Vigor's scientists and engineers have extensive R&D experience in the field of gas purification and are uniquely capable of working with you to create custom solutions to any research problem. Vigor regularly designs customized systems for a wide array of applications, and regularly integrates high-tech equipment (deposition systems, evaporators, coating systems, 3D printers, testing equipment, and more!) with inert enclosures. Vigor is also committed to developing break-through technologies that make research easier, and thanks to this, Vigor holds more than 50 patents covering various innovations.



    To be a world-leader in inert and clean environment technologies and equipment.



    To create more value for customers, Vigor strives to always be innovating and inventing better technical solutions to research problems.

  • TEAM


    Vigor has a strong design team led by distinguished experts in the fields of chemistry, materials science, and engineering, many of whom hold PhDs.

Vigor Tech USA.

Vigor Tech USA

Vigor has offices in the United States, China and Europe, as well as distributors around the world. With a growing crowd of satisfied customers all over the globe in a vast number of fields, from materials chemistry, to OLED manufacture, to lithium batteries, to laser welding,  to solar cells, to nuclear applications-Vigor guarantees that your research or production is in good hands with the highest quality and most innovative technology on the glovebox market.

Vigor Tech USA.


  • Leak-Free Sealing Technology

    Leak-Free Sealing Technology

  • High Efficiency Purification Systems

    High Efficiency Purification Systems

  • Accurate Trace Gas Analysis

    Accurate Trace Gas Analysis

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