Minimize points of leakage and maintains your working atmosphere to <1 ppm O2 and H2O. Our gloveboxes are extremely user friendly to enable our customers to focus on what is important to them-Research.
Cleanroom Gloveboxes
Moisture<1 ppm, Oxygen<1 ppm
Leakage Rate<0.001 vol%/h
Cleanness:ISO-5, ISO-4
Custom Enclosures and Gas Management Systems
Vigor are able to provide you with a hermetic enclosure to envelope and protect your process, whatever size you require we  are happy to work with you to design our enclosures to suit your precise needs.
Solvent Purification Systems
Safe, user friendly and extremely efficient. Our solvent purification systems will provide you with anhydrous solvent on tap.
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Coating Systems
Widely used in manufacturing of new energy materials,flexible printing,display,optoelectronic films etc.
Like all bespoke equipment, gloveboxes and solvent purification systems have to be maintained from time to time, here at Vigor we are able to offer parts for your systems, whether it be replacement gloves or replacement catalysts for your gloveboxes or columns or valves for your solvent purification systems, we are happy to help no matter what model of system you have.
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