Application Area
Chemical Synthesis Glovebox
- Long lifespan  
- O2 < 1 PPM  H2O < 1 PPM   - Low leakage(<0.001%/h) - Excellent purifier capacity(O2: 60-70L) - Accurate moisture and oxygen detection - Infrequent regeneration - Low failure rate - Safe and convenient
Nuclear Research & Industry Glovebox
- Advanced leak-free technology - Radiation protection: lead plate, flint glass, leaded gloves - Ultra-low moisture and oxygen content: <1ppm - Capacity of no-leak or contamination glove changing - Safe transfer of nuclear materials: bag-in-bag-out technologies
OLED/OPV Glovebox
- Cleanroom systems - Coating equipment - Vacuum coating equipment - Manual or automatic packaging equipment - Thermal treatment equipment - Available air conditioning system
Lithium Battery & Supercapacitor Glovebox
- Excellent seal ability with long lifespan - Patented moisture and oxygen protective devices - Strong resistance to organic solvents - Can integrate with different vacuum heating/drying technologies
Additive Manufacturing Glovebox
- Custom enclosures around your AM machine process
- Low O2 and H2O gas management integration
- Pre-process powder packaging enclosures
- Post-process de-powdering enclosures
-Hermetic powder storage with on-board O2 monitoring

Laser Welding Glovebox
- Low leakage rate - Low moisture and oxygen content - Ergonomic - Accurate moisture and oxygen detection
- Process efficient
- Fast and slow purge features available
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