Vigor Basics

Vigor stands above the competition with our all-welded design, all stainless steel pipework, and our patented double-seal technology. The specifications for all of our standard systems follow:

  • Working gas: Ultra-high purity inert gas
  • Regeneration gas: 5% hydrogen with 95% inert gas (to match working gas)
  • Purification Column: Refillable, high performance copper-based catalyst and zeolites.
  • Regeneration averages ~ once per year. Purifier capacity is 60 liters of oxygen and 1.5 liters of water.
  • Circulation: Fuji blower with flow rate of 45 m3/h
  • Siemens PLC: Controls all solenoid and pneumatic valves
  • Filters: Circulation stream is filtered when entering and leaving the glovebox with HEPA filters
  • Organic solvent adsorber (activated carbon)
  • Patented double-seal technology: Used on all glass interfaces
  • Edwards RV12 vacuum pump
  • 7" Color touch-screen control panel
  • Pressure: Regulated by Siemens PLC (+10 mbar to -10 mbar)
  • Auto-diagnostic functions: Problems generate error messages, data available for export to a flash drive
  • Large antechamber: Automated evacuate/refill cycles
  • On-demand Circulation: Impurities automatically maintained between user-defined levels (with optional sensors installed)
  • Purge cycle: Timer controlled
  • Built-in stoichiometry software
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Leakage rate < 0.001 Vol%/h (monthly < 1 L)
  • Impurity levels: Oxygen < 1 ppm, Water < 1 ppm